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Prominauris, or ear protrusion, is defined as an overprojection of the ear from the bony prominence of the mastoid cortex which sits behind the ear. The ear should protrude no more than 2cm from this bony projection for an angle of less than 25 degrees.

Otoplasty surgery is tailored based on the cause of the protrusion, ensuring minimal invasiveness and downtime, with permanent results. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, the surgery can be performed on one or both ears. We want you to flaunt that ponytail or updo with full confidence.

Apart from otoplasty, patients can opt for earlobe repair surgery to fix gauge earring defects, elongated or droopy earlobes, or stretched piercing holes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Otoplasty is any procedure performed to reshape or reposition the ear. Typically, it is performed in patients whose ears stick out too far from their skull resulting in an unnatural appearance.

The exact surgical procedure employed depends on the underlying cause of the ear’s over-protrusion, but typically, an incision is made behind the ear to facilitate access to the ear cartilage. Permanent sutures are used to reshape and fold the cartilage of the antihelix to reposition the ear back toward the skull. The ear can also be pinned back with sutures to the lining of the skull behind the ear via the same incision.

A pressure dressing will be placed around the head, covering the ears, and will be kept in position for 48-72 hours following the procedure. After this is removed, you will have to wear an athletic headband around the ears 24/7 for two weeks and then nightly for a month thereafter. This is very important and done to help ensure the ears do not return to their previous position.

Yes! We are happy to correct a wide range of ear defects, including gauge piercings, floppy or long earlobes, overextended ear lobe piercings, or cauliflower ears from sports such as boxing or wrestling. These procedures can often be done in-office under local anesthesia.

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