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As we age, the effects of gravity cause our face to look droopy and tired, especially in the neck and jowls. Dermal fillers alone cannot reverse these signs of aging. In fact, too much filler in the wrong areas can make us look older.

Previous generations of facelift surgeons swept tissues back, resulting in an artificial “windswept” appearance. But our deep plane facelift technique lifts tissues up and not back to counteract gravity’s effects, creating a tighter, smoother jawline and midface lift, and giving an overall rejuvenating effect. This procedure can easily be combined with a neck lift, fat transfer, upper/lower blepharoplasty, and brow lift for full facial rejuvenation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Old facelift methods only excised skin and pulled tissues back, resulting in an unnatural “windswept” appearance and short-lasting results. With the current deep plane facelift technique, the deeper tissues are suspended HIGHER, not BACK, to reverse the effects of gravity pulling tissues down, achieving a natural and long-lasting outcome.

If you have sagging skin along the neck and jawline, you are likely a candidate for facelift surgery. The ultimate answer to this question depends on a detailed assessment of your facial anatomy and medical history. This will be covered during your consultation.

Facial swelling and bruising are common postoperative symptoms that can vary in severity and duration depending on the patient. We can discuss ways to manage these during your consultation.

A question I frequently hear from patients is “When can I go outside and socialize without feeling self-conscious?” Usually, I would say after about 3 weeks, the swelling and bruising will have subsided enough that you can leave the house feeling comfortable. This is a generic benchmark and everyone’s pace of recovery will be different.

The short answer is yes! Many patients often elect to undergo eyelid or brow rejuvenation, fat grafting, or other ancillary procedures at the same time as their facelift. Ultimately, this will depend on your overall health and the duration of the required anesthesia. Sometimes, I recommend splitting up procedures to minimize downtime and surgical sites.

While the normal aging process cannot be stopped, the duration of the results from a facelift depends on various factors such as lifestyle, age, and skin elasticity. Typically, patients can expect to maintain a refreshed, youthful appearance for 10-15 years after the procedure.

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