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The brows and eyes are frequently one of the first areas of the face to exhibit signs of aging. Thankfully, contemporary, minimally invasive techniques of brow lifting are here to help you achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated natural look that won’t leave you looking surprised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many approaches to browlift surgery with incision placement ranging from within the eyebrow, along a natural forehead crease, immediately in front of the hairline, and behind the hairline. A brow lift can also be performed with minimally invasive endoscopic techniques. The best approach is patient-dependent. We will discuss this and more during your consultation.

The short answer is no. This surgery offers a subtle but overall more youthful lift primarily to the middle and outer edge of your brows which will in effect make your eyes appear more open and well rested.

That is not a problem. Brow placement is independent of where your brows are drawn or tattooed on. It is based on the skin and soft tissue overlying the bony brow ridge. In some instances, it may be advisable to reshape your eyebrows after surgery to avoid a surprised look.

Your hairline’s position and whether you want to raise or lower it will determine the surgical approach. Some approaches lift the hairline, which is not ideal for people with a naturally high hairline. Other techniques can slightly lower the hairline. During your surgical consultation, we will go over all of the possibilities.

Like any surgery, a brow lift has some risks, including bleeding, temporary loss of sensation along the surgical incision line, or facial asymmetry. However, these complications are rare and are discussed in detail before your procedure.

Recovery after a brow lift is usually not very painful or extensive, and you will be able to return home on the same day of surgery. For the first few days, you may experience swelling, visible bruising, and soreness, and it is recommended that you avoid lifting heavy objects or bending over. You can expect to resume normal daily activities after about a week or two.

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