Lip Lift

Lip lift

Get the pout without the ouch.

Do you regularly get lip injections? Do you have a long upper lip? Then you are likely a perfect candidate for a lip lift. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office by removing excess skin of the upper lip to flip your red lip up and out permanently, providing fullness and a rosy hue that enhances your lips’ natural beauty and balance.

The incision is hidden in the shadows of the base of the nose and heals very well. Sutures are typically removed at one-week postop and downtime is minimal. This can be a great solution for patients with a thin upper lip looking for a more permanent solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lip lift is a permanent surgical procedure that shortens the skin of the upper lip to roll out the red upper lip and give a more volumized appearance without any filler, while lip fillers offer only temporary results, as they are metabolized and dissolve over time.

To determine whether you qualify, you need to be examined in the clinic during your consultation. Certainly, if you get repeat lip injections to add volume to your pout, you will likely be a candidate.

The lip lift incision is hidden immediately below the nose in natural shadows. You will have some redness along the incision for a period of several months which can be covered with makeup and will subside with time. The incision is shaped to directly adhere to the contours of the base of the nose so as to mitigate its appearance.

Yes! Lip lift is often an adjunct to rhinoplasty or face and neck lift surgeries.

Pain is typically very minimal after surgery. You will have soreness in your upper lip and the base of your nose but this is easily managed with medication. You will have swelling of your upper lip as well as bruising. You can reduce these effects with ice and head-of-bed elevation.

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