Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation

Enhance your profile, permanently.

An often overlooked feature of facial aesthetics is the way your chin appears on profile view. Those with a small or recessed chin may think their nose is too big for their face when in reality, their chin may just be too small proportionally. In order to achieve balanced facial proportions and a more chiseled jawline, chin augmentation is our preferred approach. The implants are made of low-profile solid silicone material and are inserted via a small incision under the chin.

The implant sits immediately over the bone and you can’t feel it. It rarely ever shifts over time and never needs to be replaced. It can easily be combined with a rhinoplasty in the same surgery for overall profile balancing.

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chin augmentation
chin augmentation
chin augmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

A small incision is made below the chin in a natural skin crease. Dissection is carried down to the bone and a solid silicone implant that is size appropriate is inserted.

No. The implant is placed under all the soft tissues of the chin immediately overlying bone so it is not palpable. The edges are tapered so there isn’t a stepoff you can feel to the sides of the chin.

This is very unlikely. Solid silicone is an inert substance that rarely causes issues. There is always a small chance of infection or extrusion in which case we can easily remove the implant with no issues via a small incision. Most people have their chin implant in for decades without experiencing any problems.

We can discuss what your aesthetic vision is during your consultation regarding the size of the chin. Subtle but effective enhancement is key. We have sizers in the operating room we use to visualize each size implant and determine intraoperatively which implant size would best suit your face based on the conversation we have had during consultation.

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